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Dale & Gayle

Dale & Gayle Eisenhauer, now simply "Dale & Gayle" are retired school teachers from Oklahoma. They are now living their dream, traveling the USA playing music and having a ball year round.

They first came to the RGV in 2010 to visit friends in Weslaco for a few weeks and maybe play a little music, but mostly get away from a cold Oklahoma winter. They have since purchased a winter home in Mission and will be coming to RGV every winter to entertain for 4 months.

Dale has played guitar and sung with a band since 1968 in northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas. He has been able to play on stage with many country legends such as Hank Thompson, Kitty Wells, Helen Cornelious, Barbara Fairchild, Cal Smith, David Frizzell, Tommy Cash, Narvel Felts, Johnny Lee, Darrell McCall, Wanda Jackson, Lynn Anderson, Michael Martin Murphy, and Jimmie Fortune.

When Dale married Gayle, he didn't realize he would be getting a band member. Gayle has always been a trained pianist but he never dreamed she would take these skills and turn into a synthesizer playing bassist. Dale & Gayle do not play to any track music. They prefer to play everything live and spontaneous. Even they are not always sure what song they may break into next or what might happen in the middle of a song, such as Dale suddenly thinking of a joke that he just can't wait until the end of the song to tell. You just can't do that to tracks.

Dale & Gayle have a 500 + song repetoir consisting of everything from classic and current country, folk, cowboy, gospel, rock & pop, and comedy songs. In fact, they have for sale their CD's in each one of these genres. When not in the RGV, you can find them playing music in Colorado all summer, and back home at local restaurants during the spring and fall. One of the best compliments we got this year was from the restraurant manager in Colorado this summer that told us, "there are a lot of good musicians out there, but you guys don't just play music, you entertain, and there is a lot of difference between the two".

Entertainment has always been our goal when we play. We do our best to bring our audience in to become part of the show and interact with us during our act. Maybe this comes from teaching for 30 years. To stay in teaching that long you have to not just be a teacher, but also and entertainer to keep the students' attention.

Dale & Gayle are open to play for shows, cookouts, socials, dances, or just about any place you could use a small band with a big sound.
Please feel free to contact us for your next booking: 580-362-5437 ... daleeisenhauer@sbcglobal.net

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