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The Jealous Heart Band

Ram Escobedo says "I have had The Jealous Heart Band since the early 90's and GOD has blessed me with it. My passion for country music is so strong. Thru Country music I have lived a very exciting life, have met a lot of good people and done some great venues. Sincerely, the boys in the band are the greatest group of guys I have ever come across in this business, and every day I thank my LORD for putting them in my path as well as my Lovely Wife Mari. [The band is my backbone my wife is my strength.]
Just to know that we bring a smile to someone , with one of their favorite songs, is priceless.

Many of you have been to our dances, please let people know how much fun we all have. What everyone of our fans/friends should know is that everything we put together is for you the audience. Thank you.
Contact: jealousheartram@aol.com
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