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La Estudiantina

La Estudiantina is a string ensemble from South Texas consisting of approximately high school student members from Edcouch-Elsa High School. The word Estudiantina is simply defined as a collective or group of students organized to achieve a common goal. The idea originated in Spain, where college students would play on street corners to earn an honorarium for their professors. Members of such group were referred to as Tunos. The main purpose of the Estudiantina program is to provide the students with opportunities for learning and expressing Mexican culture through the performing arts. Their musical selections include traditional Mexican songs which serve to educate their audience about the Mexican-American experience. Estudiantina has performed at functions throughout the State of Texas and has been awarded several first division honors at state-level competitions.

Edcouch-Elsa high School has a 98 percent Hispanic student enrollment and has effectively used Estudiantina as a student retention program. Estudiantina not only serves to motivate students to remain in school, but also provides them with a unique opportunity to express their cultural pride.

Juan Navarro Jr
956-262-0018 Ext 2025
cell 956-854-0163

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