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Paul Pagel

Paul Pagel, Wisconsin's favorite, does shows, dances, and FREE Gospel Concerts.

His keyboard has great realistic sounds and many people comment that it sounds like a full band. His vocals consistently win comments like "We LOVE to hear you sing!" The dances are considered VARIETY dances. You’ll enjoy country, waltzes, polkas, two-steps, rumbas, line-dances, and circle-schottisches.

You'll love the songs of George Strait, Johnny Cash, Jim Reeves, Hank, Lefty, Merle, and E.T. You'll want to dance when you hear some Elvis, Kansas City , or Blue Suede Shoes.

One activity director said "Make sure you tell them that at our park, you FILLED the dance floor!"
That's probably why Paul was listed so frequently on the recommended list of a newsletter put out by enthusiastic dance supporters & promoters.
Contact: 956-787-3773 ... 920-213-3060

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