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    I publish my own material through "Count Music BMI" and do most of my recording at Cedardale Studios, in
    Mora, Minnesota. where they are produced, arranged, and Recorded by John Voit & Terry Nord.
    I am retired and spend my winters in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, where I perform for the retirees,
    throughout the winter months.
    I am doing what I always dreamed of doing but never had time during my working years, and that is writing,
    recording and performing for the people I love, My Fans and most of them are Friends.

    Now you can order my CDs here at the Winter Texan Connection Music Store ...  
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Red Johnson
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An Old Song
Shirley's Sugar Shack
Heart By Heart
When Someone Gets Hurt
A Good Ol' Country Song
I'll Never Forget What I Forgot
A Love Song For Us
I Took Your Memory For A Walk Today
You'll Be Sorry
How Can I Sing For Jesus
My Current Affair
Running Bare
Circles On The Wall
United We Stand
You Still Bother Me A Lot
Talking Eyes
Oh What A Beautiful World
Going Home
I Could Never Forget That
Strangers To Friends
The Oak
Inner Thoughts
It's Hard To Give Up A Dream
The New Clown In Town
You Could Go Someplace Else
He Was Looking For A Wife
Did Anyone Ever Die In Your Arms?
Nobody's Jealous
I Laughed All The Way Home
Time Will Tell
You're All I Thought You'd Be
I Take Great Pride In My Love
I Still Wonder About You
Here's The Church
A Soldier Died Today
A Neatly Folded Flag
Veteran's Day
I'll See You In The Morning
This Old Radio Of Mine
Sunday Will Come Again
Roses In Mind
Grandpa Couldn't Save It Now
A Brand New Picture
Quiet Time
I'm Always Lonesome
What Love Really Is
The White Violin
God's Great Meadowland
You Lived Your Life For Me
The Wine On My Mind
Country Music Singer
You're Everything
The Most Perfect Memory
A Good Day For Love
Hung Up In A Honky Tonk
A Good Love Story
The Govenor's Ball
What You Saw In Them
God's Not Through With Us Yet
A Voice
Order - An Old Song
Order - Yesteryears
Order - Veteran's Day
Order - You Lived Your Life
For Me
The Local Entertainer
Cloud Over Paradise
I'd Rain All Over You
A Day With No Sunshine
What Kind Of World
There's A Grand Ol'Opry Show Playing Somewhere
Big Brave Me
A Woman's Lips
Hidden Feelings
Anything But Me
Moving To Nevada
It Burns All The Way Down
Mrs. Johnson
Grey Eyes
Too Much Of You Went With Him
Eberyday People
Touching Me Again
Give Her Some Happiness
What Man Wouldn't Try
Christmas In Heaven
You Made Me Over - Overnight
Let It Be You
Reynosa - Old Mexico
Thanks Darling
Blue Rose
Trains Of Memory
How Can I Sing For Jesus
Big Sky Country
There Will Always Be Coywboys
Cry My Sale Gently
What You Threw Away
This Marriage
Cajun Accordian
What Is To Be Will Be
When You Say Texas
The Old Man At A Table
You Can't Buy Happiness
Your Love Is Mine
Live Each Moment
The Frozen Snow
Pardon Me For Looking In
You Can't Hold Me Forever
You Are Not The Answer
The Town Balladeer
You Hang Up The Moon For Me
You And I
A Place In My Heart
On My Fathers Side
Ashes Of Love
Seven Spanish Angels
What About You
Poor Man's Riches
Do What You Do Do Well
Drinking Champagne
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
Till A Tear Becomes A Rose
Do You Know You Are My Sunshine
Waltz Across Texas
Order - The Local Entertainer
Order - My Collection
Order - The Old Man At
A Table
Order - 40 Years
Cajun Accordian
The Winter Texan Waltz
The Julida Polka
Jole Blon
Don't Worry 'Bout Me
Simple Melody
North South East West Polka
Wishful Thinking
Pilots Waltz
Diggy-Liggy Lo
The Old Country Church
I'm Using My Bible For A Road Map
Just A Closer Walk With Thee
Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus
Rocking Alone In An Old Rocking Chair
Life's Railway To Heaven
Wings Of A Dove
It Is No Secret
My Home's A sight To See
That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine
The Old Rugged Cross
What A Friend We Have In Jesus
The Great Speckled Bird
Why Me Lord?
High On A Hilltop
How Great Thou Art
Grandma's Angel
Till The Leaves Fall Again
I Cut My Teeth On Country Music
She's Gonna Leave Me
She Cried First
A Heartach To Show
Out Of Body
A Baby Again
A Truck Driving Harley Man
She Squeezes The Toothpaste In The Middle
Have I Told You How Much I Love You
Let's Make It A Goodie
One Of Us
Dear Friend
Blue Rose
How Can I Sing For Jesus
The First Time I Heard Jesus
Jesus "C"
The Circle Won't Be Broken
Safe In The Arms Of Jesus
Pretty Flowers
I'll See You In The Morning
That's What He's Done
God's Great Meadowland
What Is To Be Will Be
How Much Can I Sin
Order - Bits Of Cajun
Order - Country Gospel
Order - Grandma's Angel
Order - Blue Rose
Absolutely & Always
Country Star
The Only One I Want To Love Is You
Is It Any Wonder I Love You
The Longer We're Together
Our Anniversary
My Buddy Bought A Harley
That's Not Any Fun
What Color Is Happy
One Of Those Days
I Sang Amazing Grace
I'm Glad Christmas Comes Every Year
Order -
Red Johnson "Live"
Order - Absolutely & Always
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