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RV / Mobile Home Park Resorts, Campgrounds and Subdivisions Located in Alamo, Texas
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Acacia RV & MH Park
89 E. Business Hwy 83 ... Alamo, Texas 78516
Acacia residents are predominantly 55 and older. We have a Recreation Center with kitchen for functions, gatherings, games, pool tables plus showers and bathrooms.

Year round guest receive discount.

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Acacia RV & MH Park
89 E Business 83 ... Alamo, TX 78516 ... 956-464-4080

Alamo Country Club
North Tower Rd. ... Alamo, TX 78516 ... 956-787-0907

Alamo Palms Mobile Park
1341 W Business 83 ... Alamo, TX 78516 ... 956-787-7571

Alamo Paradise Acres
1513 W Crockett Ave. ... Alamo, TX 78516 ... 956-283-1771

Alamo Rec Veh Park
1320 W Frontage RD .. Alamo, TX 78516 ... 956-787-8221

Alamo Rose RV Resort
938 S Alamo Rd. ... Alamo, TX 78516 ... 956-783-2600

Bibleville Conference Grounds
1346 N Cesar Chavez Rd. ... Alamo, TX 78516 ... 956-787-2024

Casa Del Valle
1048 N Alamo Rd. ... Alamo, TX 78516 ... 956-783-5008

D&L RV Park
151E Minnesota Road .. Alamo, TX 78516 ...(956) 929-4154

La Hacienda Estates
1018 El Paseo Dr. ... Alamo, TX 78516 ... 956-783-8131

Roadrunner RV Resort
1222 N Cesar Chavez Rd. ... Alamo, TX 78516 ... 956-787-8047

Royal Palms Mobile Home Park
341 E Duranta ... Alamo, TX 78516 ... 956-787-5702

Trophy Gardens RV Resort
800 SH 495 ... Alamo, TX 78516 ... 956-787-7717

Winter Ranch RV Resort
600 State Hwy. 495 ... Alamo, TX 78516 ... 956-783-4587

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Alamo is a Texas city located in the Tropical Rio Grande Valley of Deep South Texas.

Nicknamed the "Land of Two Summers," Alamo is known as "The Refuge to the Valley" as well as gateway to the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge.

The city is located in an area of abundant vegetable farming and citrus groves, and it is a noted winter resort/retirement town near the Mexico-U.S. border. Alamo boasts more Winter Texans per capita than any other Valley city.

In the first decade of the twentieth century Peter Ebenezer Blalock and George T. Hawkins laid out the town, built shipping pens, and named the railroad depot Ebenezer. A community of prospective buyers housed in temporary dwellings developed and the site became known as Camp Ebenezer.

In 1909 the land was sold to the organizers of the Alamo Land and Sugar Company, which moved the town from Camp Ebenezer to higher, better-drained ground.

C. H. Swallow and Rentfro B. Creager, of The Alamo Townsite Company, promoted the site to prospective settlers. A post office was established in 1909 and at first the town was called Forum and later Swallow. It is widely believed that the town was subsequently named for the mission, The Alamo, in San Antonio.

Alamo, TX is the Gateway to Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge is a 2,088-acre National Wildlife Refuge situated along the banks of the Rio Grande river.

The wildlife refuge was established for the protection of migratory birds in 1943. Its unique location is at the meeting of different climates and habitats: subtropical wetlands, Chihuahuan Desert, Gulf Coast, and Great Plains.

Its riparian location has developed a reputation for diverse birding and attracts birders from all over the world. Read More About Valley Birding

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