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by Lee Hammond

The Winter Texan Connection was published to the world wide web in September, 2007. Since that time it has grown to be the most visible Winter Texan website on the net, showing in top positions in nearly all search inquiries regarding the Winter Texan lifestyle in the Rio Grande Valley.

Not only is this site used by thousands of Winter Texans while they are here in the RGV .. potential winter visitors are drawn to this website by search phrases such as:

• retirees wintering in texas
• south texas retirement communities
• snowbirds in texas
There is no other single website that promotes the Rio Grande Valley and reaches the Winter Texan population, present and future, like The Winter Texan Connection does.

Here is some of what you will find inside:

• A listing of over 200 RV/Mobile Home resorts across the Rio Grande Valley including contact info and websites where available. Go There

• These same resorts plotted accurately on maps. Go There

• A comparison of the cost of living in the RGV and other winter destinations such as Central Texas, Florida and Arizona. Go There

• Find a home for sale or rent / post your rentals or homes for sale. Go There

• Leading an active and fulfilling lifestyle while you are here in the RGV.

• Public Activities offered by various Resort Communities. Go There

• A list of all of the entertainers who come to perform during the winter. You have the opportunity to see their schedule and you can read / post comments regarding their shows. Go There

• You can read / post public service announcements regarding many aspects of the Winter Texan lifestyle such as: special gatherings of RV clubs and state reunion picnics, singles groups, WT sports like softball, pickleball, billiards etc., volunteering opportunities, jobs, charitable events ... you get the picture. You can also voice your thoughts and opinions on topics such as safety in the RGV, traveling to Mexico, Your favorite restaurants and more. Please be sure to post a comment there on how you like this website. Go There

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98% of these videos were created by Rod.

This is just scratching the surface of the content of this website. Please take the time to browse through The Winter Texan Connection. You will not find this much information regarding the Winter Texan Lifestyle in the Rio Grande Valley, all collected in one website, any where else on the internet.

Please share this website with all of your Winter Texan friends and anyone you know that is considering getting out of the cold northern climate.

If you are interested in reaching out to the Winter Texan population of South Texas by advertising on this website call Rod at 956-457-8600 Contact the Webmaster