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The Texas Tropics

One of the least known treasures of the United States is the US tropical region known locally as the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas.

Video by Rod Graham
Music "Find Me" by J. Micheal Laferty
Here in this tropical paradise you can enjoy your winters in flip flops and swim suits while you bask in the sun on Texas' Best Beach at South Padre Island. This "Magic Valley" stretches 140 miles from South Padre Island to Falcon Reservoir where catching a 12 pound Largemouth Bass is nothing out of the ordinary. The region borders the Rio Grande River and offers miles and miles of beautiful scenery, nature refuges, hiking trails and other opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. The area is considered world-wide as a premier birding spot.

Since the 1950s winter travelers have been coming to the tropics found at the southernmost tip of Texas to get away from cold northern winters, ice and snow. These folks have commonly been referred to as "snowbirds" because they migrate south in the winter. However, the term snowbird has gained a negative connotation over the past few decades. It seems that winter visitors are looked upon as troublesome guests by some in other parts of the US sunbelt.

Here winter visitors are welcomed with huge banners declaring "WELCOME BACK" or "WELCOME HOME". Festivals are held in honor of their return and in appreciation as they prepare to return north in the spring. In fact, we in the Valley honor our winter friends by bestowing on them the title of "Winter Texan". In addition to the fact that WE LOVE WINTER TEXANS, there are many other reasons to choose the RGV.

Winter Texans come by RV, auto or plane beginning in late September as the cold winds begin to invade the northern regions of the USA and Canada. When they arrive they have the choice of over 200 RV/Mobile Home Resorts to call home for the winter. Many come year after year and have established friendships with other Winter Texans from all corners of the globe. While they are here they can live as active a lifestyle as they want. There is never a shortage of something to do whether with a group of friends or on your own.

This website is provided as a one-stop shop to get all of the information you need to make your trip to the Texas Tropics as enjoyable as possible. Take some time and browse through it to see all that there is to enjoy in the Magical Rio Grande Valley of South Texas!

And don't hesitate to contact me, Rod Graham, if there is any way I can help you as you plan your trip south!
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